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Platinum Communications Group has been recovering thousands of dollars for businesses since 1999.  We have a comprehensive three-step audit process that guarantees to recover money for your company or there will be no charge for our service.  

We look for over 80 mistakes that carriers often make and don't stop working for your company until there is a credit or a refund check in your hand.​

Call today to schedule a no-cost introductory meeting to see if we can help your company.

Is your company looking for a hosted phone, VoIP phone or PBX?  Don't worry, Platinum Communications Group can show you all three in a 60-minute meeting.  We will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.


    Call or email today for a free consultation.


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In today's marketplace, it can become very difficult to decide what carrier is best for your local, long-distance and data needs.

Platinum Communications has access to virtually all of the carriers in the communication industry.

We can custom design a solution that will fit your needs.  


We would like to meet you to discuss your options.  Call or email us today.


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As equipment becomes more complex and updates become more and more important, many customers are looking for hardware and software maintenance.

Platinum Communications Group can provide you a comprehensive outsource solution for managing all of your company's internal hardware with a support that is available 24/7.  


Call or email today for a free network assessment.

If your company is looking for Data design or Cloud storage look no further.  We work with the best datacenters in the industry.  We can help your company in all areas relating to your data needs.  

We also specialize in network assessments and penetration tests to determine if there are any internal or external threats to your data environment. Every day more and more companies are being attacked with ransomware and many other threats.  Let Platinum Communications Group give you the peace of mind knowing that your company is safe and secure.  


Call today for a free consultation.

Fiber Optics is no longer only for large corporations.  Platinum Communications Group can show you all your options for fiber optics in your area. 

We can show you the most reliable cost-effective solutions for a fiber optic upgrade, many times with free construction costs and installation.


Call today to schedule an introductory meeting.


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