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Platinum Communications Group does not provide any customer information on the web.  If you would like references we would be happy to provide many of them in person. Since 1999 Platinum Communications Group has helped hundreds of customers across the United States.  Below are just some of the case studies we performed. 
Trade Show Company

This company has multiple locations across the United States.  Platinum Communications Group was able to provide a fiber-optic network that established voice and data connectivity for all locations.  A new phone system utilizing SIP Protocol was also installed.  In the end, we were able to reduce the customer's overall expenses by over 22%.

Medical Company

Platinum Communications was able to recover over $46,000 for a medical company in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.  With this application, the customer authorized a three-year agreement with the nations largest telecommunications provider but never received a volume discount.  Platinum recovered all money owed to the client.

Illinois Library 

Platinum worked with an Illinois library that was in desperate need of a phone system upgrade.  Unfortunately, they did not have the budget to get a new system.  We were able to refurbish their existing phones and install a new main cabinet and voicemail.  With this upgrade, they now have a state of the art phone system and saved over $26,000 in hardware costs.  

Chicago Area Not For        Profit Charity

Platinum has worked with many Charities over the years.  One particular charity had over 47 phone bills that all had different billing dates. The bills had several late payment fees because the bills had to be approved at a meeting before they could be paid.  The meeting's always happened after the due date on some bills.  Platinum was able to consolidate the majority of their bills on one invoice and also get a desired due date for the customer with a special "net 45".

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